More than Five Years of Accusations and Prosecution in the Foreign Funding Case And today, Nazra for Feminist Studies is being ready to be back within the Framework of the New NGO Law


27 Jan 2022

It has been five years since the issuance of the North Cairo Criminal Court’s decision, the Sixth Circuit to freeze Nazra for Feminist Studies’ assets: movable, in-kind, liquid, and real estate possessions, preventing their usage. Such a decision was the first precedent in the history of Egyptian civil institutions working on women human rights, and for Nazra being the only association that its assets were frozen, as per Case 173/2011, known in the media as NGOs Foreign Funding Case. During that period, Ms. Mozn Hassan, the founder and the Executive Director of the association, faced several summons, although Mr. Abdul Rahman Khogaly, Ms. Hassan’s and Nazra for Feminist Studies’ lawyer, managed to obtain the order “There is no reason to file a criminal case due to insufficient evidence” issued by Counselor Ali Mokhtar, President at the Cairo Court of Appeal and the investigative judge delegated to investigate the Fact-Finding Committee Report on the facts of the case; that was issued on the twenty-first of October 2021, to exclude names of those who were involved in the matter from the travel ban lists and the lists of preventing them from accessing their money, whether liquid or movable, without prejudice to any other facts that may be the subject of investigation, whether in the current case or other cases. The case was registered as misdemeanor number 8437 for the year 2021, and was the 6th case of 2021, enumerating investigative judges.


Accordingly, the name of Ms. Mozn was removed from the travel ban lists by the investigative judge after submitting a request on the first of December 2021, as the Cairo International Airport authorities prevented her from traveling on the twenty-sixth of June 2016, and verbally informed her of the issuance of a decision by the Egyptian Public Prosecutor banning her from traveling at the request of the investigative judge on the background of Case 173/2011.


Nazra for Feminist Studies had submitted documents, electronically, to reconcile and re-regulate its status on the seventeenth of December 2021, delivering them by hand to be ratified by the Central Unit at Abdeen Social Affairs Department, affiliated to the Directorate of Social Solidarity in Cairo on the twentieth of December 2021. This comes after five years of endurance as a registered association and the only one in the Case 173, and a period of rejecting submitted appeals and grievances.