Draft Law

  • Joint Statement

    New Draft Law to Regulate NGOs and Civil Society: Tangible Progress Along with Flaws of the Past

    28 May 2012

    The undersigned organizations express their appreciation for the efforts put forth by the Human Rights Committee of the People’s Assembly to develop a new bill, put forward by the Freedom and Justice Party, to regulate non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society institutions.

    Joint Statement

    Draft Law for the Nationalization of Civil Society and Transforming it into a Government Institution

    11 Apr 2012

    The undersigned human rights organizations declare their utter rejection of the new draft law on non-governmental organizations (NGOs), prepared by the Ministry of Insurance and Social Affairs and which aims to nationalize civil society. Under this law civil society would be considered an institution of the government, and NGO staff would be regarded as civil servants. Furthermore, the new law would impose several new arbitrary restrictions aiming to terrorize civil society activists.