Egyptian Parliament

  • Report

    Profile | 16 Female Candidates for the People’s Assembly Elections 2011/2012

    3 Sep 2012

    Naza for Feminist Studies today released a brochure to present short profiles about 16 female candidates for the People’s Assembly elections 2011/2012 that Nazra for Feminist Studies worked with through the Women Political Participation Academy that Nazra launched in October 2012

    The profile if each candidate in the brochure include the name, age, job, type of candidacy, political history and the election result. You can read the brochure by clicking here.

  • Press Release

    An Interactive Map to Monitor the Parliamentarian Election from a Gender Perspective

    8 Nov 2010

    Nazra for Feminsit Studies announced that it will monitor the parliamentary elections of 2010 from a gender perspective, through monitoring the various social, cultural, legal and economic factors that affect the empowerment of women in the elections.