A New Backlash on Women Human Rights Defenders on the International Day For Women


7 Mar 2023


On International Women's Day and during the 67 session of the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations, Tunisian President Kais Ben Said informs us of the inclusion of Mrs. Bouchra Belhaj Hamida on the list of Terrorism cases. Tunisian President accused the feminist activist Bushra Belhaj Hamida, lawyer, and woman human rights defender, of relationships with foreign countries and included terrorist charges.

Bouchra has defended women and human rights in Tunisia since Bourguiba times, passing through Ben Ali, then Ennahda. She was elected to the Assembly of the Representatives of the People after the second Free elections after the Tunisian revolution 2014-2019 and then appointed chairwoman of the Committee on Individual Freedoms and Equality by former president Beji Caid Essebsi.

She set her sights on women's and human rights in her country. She engages with social movements, politics, and feminism in Tunisia to endorse the principle of parity in the Tunisian constitution, the law against violence against women, and many other achievements.

The targeting of Bushra Belhaj Hamida is the targeting of the feminist and democratic movements in our region. She and her colleagues taught inspiring lessons and experiences to feminists in our region about the essential feminist struggles, policies, and intersectionality.

What Tunisia is going through today, in terms of targeting Bushra and other human rights defenders,

is a message to civic and feminist movements in our region. He aims to turn back on the gains of the revolutions and feminists in our region.

Nazra for Feminist Studies announces the launch of a broad solidarity campaign with Mrs. Bushra and other human rights defenders in Tunisia against the attempts of the Tunisian president. The charges are to bounce back on the gains of Tunisian citizens.

We call for working together; first, to overthrow the charges against Bushra and the imprisoned dissidents for their positions and second, for offering frameworks of solidarity, regionally and internationally, to preserve the Tunisian experience that has inspired our region and the world for more than a decade.