Today the Court rules on the appeals of Nazra and Mozn Hassan

Mozn Hassan


18 Jun 2020

Today, 18 June 2020, Cairo Criminal Court rules on the requests to overturn the asset freeze order imposed on Nazra for Feminist Studies and the travel ban order imposed on its Executive Director and WHRD Mozn Hassan.

This is the second time for the Court to set a ruling session and the seventh in a long series of Court sessions and postponements that started in June 2019.

Nazra for Feminist Studies and its Executive Director, Mozn Hassan have been targeted and legally harassed for four years now on the background of the Case 173/2011, widely known as the "foreign funding case". It started when Ms. Hassan was prevented from departing Egypt in June 2016 where she was verbally informed that a travel ban order has been imposed on her. In January 2017, North Cairo Elementary Court issued an asset freeze order against Nazra for Feminist Studies and Ms. Hassan on the basis of a request from the investigative Judge of the same case 173/2-11. The decision is unprecedented as Nazra is the only NGO in the case that received an asset freeze order.