Launching Statement: Unchain Saudi WHRDs

Launching Statement: Unchain Saudi WHRDs


5 Jun 2020

Right to drive, women’s guardianship system’s amendment, anti-harassment law, right to minor’s guardianship, women’s right to run for elections;

All of those rights have been recognized gradually for Saudi women since 2015. They were recognized not on a base as an integral part of 2030 Saudi vision but by means of feminist activists and women human rights defenders who have faithfully struggled for a fair civilian life. It cannot be true without recognizing women’s right to a safe public sphere.

Their long struggle was crowned by important victories and exorbitant prices that they still pay being in jail without committing a crime or awaiting for unfair trials and with no accountable for their enforced disappearance, torture, sexual assault and ill-treatment!

May – June 2020 witness two years since the beginning of a wave that targeted feminist activists and women human rights defenders, arresting at least 13 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for their activism to demand number of civic and political rights for Saudi women.

Those women were arrested and subjected to violations in their imprisonment for their legitimate demands, midst a celebration of that liberation and expansion in rights and freedoms in the Kingdom.

In this occasion, “Nazra for Feminist Studies” raises through its campaign a question mark about the future of Saudi women’s rights and their ability to enjoy and exercise those rights without a strong feminist movement and democracy, a question mark about the existence of these movement and its sustainability within the imprisonment of numbers of women activists and defenders and a temporary release of others, depriving them a fair trial that testifies for their struggle, a trial that does not condemn them, a trial that ensures accountable for the perpetrators who committed violations against them!

After two years, since the imprisonment of Lougin Hathloul, Nouf Ben Abdel Aziz, Nassima Al-Sada and Samar Badawi, we are standing up in solidarity with those in-jailed women, demanding with other global groups and movements their release as well as highlighting and emphasizing this movement and its activists struggles since 2011 till 2020.