Closing Statement | Our Struggles Continue


16 Mar 2020

Today, March 16th, the day that marks the Egyptian women Day, Nazra concludes its campaign "Our Struggles Continue" which was launched on March 8th, the International Day for Women.

The Campaign aimed at supporting and highlighting some of the struggles the WHRDs and feminists go through in Egypt and the MENA Region. Those women decided to continue their activism amid harsh circumstances and an environment of targeting and harassment or suffer today by being imprisoned because of their activism for a better future for the women of their countries.

Out of our deep belief in feminist solidarity and support, and that the Egyptian feminist movement is not separated from the movement in the MENA Region, this campaign was launched as a tribute to the struggles of women, the feminist movement and WHRDs in the Region, and as a public call to support and stand in solidarity with them.

The campaign included visual illustrations that carried advocacy messages and demanded the release of WHRDs and feminist activists from prisons. Namely, Egyptian journalist Esraa Abdel Fattah, journalist Solafa Magdy, lawyer Mahienour El-Masry, Saudi WHRDs Loujain Hathloul, Nassima Al-Sada and Samar Badawi. The campaign also included visual materials on women's situatino in conflict zones in Syria, Libya and Yemen. It demanded their safety, security and protection from violence and being targeted. In addition, the campaign published a statement supporting Sudanese women and the feminist movement and WHRDs in Sudan. It called on support for their right in accountability and protection mechanisms and legislations against violence.

In the end of the campaign, Nazra urges the governments and authorities in Egypt and the MENA Region to release the WHRDs and women political prisoners from detention amid the global fears from the new COVID–19 virus, espicially those in pre-trial detention. The threat now bceomes their own lives and safety in prisons and detentions centers that are not ready or equipeed with the basic needs to combat this pandemic. Those women have been detained for their activism and political opinions and they have the right to health and safety.

Finally, Nazra pays tribute to all WHRDs and feminist activists in Egypt and across the MENA Region, who are facing new challenges amid the spread of COVID–19 (Corona) virus in countries and contexts that, most of the time, are not gender-sensitive in its policies and regulations.