The Court requests the reasons for the travel ban and asset freeze orders, and postpones the session to 17 November


14 Sep 2019

The South Cairo Criminal Court - Circuit 15, has decided today to postpone considering the request to overturn the travel ban order imposed on feminist activist Mozn Hassan to 17 November 2019 and obligated the investigative judge to provide reasons for the travel ban order. The same court has also decided to postpone considering Nazra's appeal against the asset freeze order imposed on the organization to the same session.

This is the second time the Court postpones considering the travel ban order since the first session on 20 June 2019, in a prolonged legal harassment and intimidation against Nazra and Mozn Hassan.


Nazra and Ms. Hassan have been persecuted and targeted on the background of Case 173/2011, also known as "foreign funding" case through an asset freeze order that was placed by a Cairo Elementary Court based on the request of the investigative judge of Case 173. The decision is unprecedented as Nazra is the only NGO in the case that received an asset freeze order.


This came after Nara's founder and Executive Director Mozn Hassan was prevented from departing Egypt in June 2016 where she was informed that a travel ban order has been imposed on her.


Mozn Hassan is a feminsit activist and a laureate of Charlotte Bunch Award for Women Human Rights in 2013 and of Right Livelihood Award, known as the Alternative Nobel Prize, along with Nazra for their contribution in working on women rights.