Nazra for Feminist Studies: The Interior Ministry Did Not Adhere by International Human Rights Standards During the Dispersal of the Rab’aa Al-Adaweya and Al-Nahda sit-ins and the Ministry of Health failed to Deal with the Crisis… Security Forces Implicated in Sexual Violence against Women


10 Sep 2013

Percentage of deaths among female sit-inners is 1.9% in Rab’aa and 1.1% in Al-Nahda

Nazra for Feminist Studies issued a report on the manner in which the security forces dealt with the female sit-inners during the dispersal of the Rab’aa Al-Adaweya and Al-Nahda sit-ins. The report aims to investigate whether women were targeted by security forces, verify the claim made by some parties that oppose the Muslim Brotherhood that women were used as “human shields” during the dispersal of the sit-ins, as claimed, and corroborate the accuracy of the claim made by Mohammed Ibrahim, the Interior Minister, on the availability of safe exits for sit-inners who wanted to leave the area of the sit-in during the dispersal. 

The report investigates the circumstances and the events of the dispersal of the Rab’aa Al-Adaweya and Al-Nahda sit-ins, the focus being on the dispersal of the Rab’aa sit-in due to difficulties faced by Nazra’s researches in investigating the dispersal of the Nahda sit-in. the report also investigates the cases of arrests of women in the context of the dispersal of the sit-ins and the violations committed against them in police stations, prisons, Central Security Forces camps, and in police vans used in the transfer of arrested women to prisons. The report also investigates the response of state institutions to the aftermath of the dispersals, including hospitals, morgues, and the Egyptian Ambulance Organization.

The report presents recommendations that are necessary for the achievement of a genuine democratic transition, based on the violations committed against female sit-inners to ensure the non-recurrence of grave violations and which help outline the role that the state and the current transitional government should play according to international human rights norms and that takes