New Design for Better Readability and Browsing... Nazra for Feminist Studies Launches its New Website


5 Mar 2012

Nazra for Feminist Studies (Nazra) is pleased to announce the launch of its new website with better content display and developed browsing experience:

During the development of the website we took into consideration different criteria related to choosing the fonts, colours, structure and interactivity. The major restructure of the website aims to lay special focus on the content where you can find on the homepage the most recent content issued and the website will automatically load more content once you scroll more.

Besides representing Nazra’s work and activities, Nazra for Feminist Studies seeks to aggregate on the website different content that reflects our ideas and interest.

When you visit the website you will find on the left side pool of tags which presents the topics addressed in the website. The tags are keywords assigned to the content on the website to give the reader a quick overview of the content. You can browse the website according to the tags by clicking on any tag to view all content associated with that tag.

On the homepage, the content is displayed through boxes which show a picture (if available) or the address of that content. You can expand the summary of the box by clicking a white arrow at the bottom to read the first paragraph, as the website redistributes the boxes to display that paragraph when you click the arrow. Once you click on the paragraph or the address directly you will be taken to a page to read the whole content. This gives the visitors a quick overview of the content.

The visitors of the website can share and post the content while they are reading it on social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

The work produced by Nazra for Feminist Studies is published under Creative Commons license that gives others the right to reuse the material in any form and via any mean, along with attribution and for non-commercial purposes.

We invite you to browse the new site at and hope you find it user-friendly and visually attractive. We also encourage you to send us your comments and suggestion as we are developing our site to: website[at]nazra[dot]org.