An Interactive Map to Monitor the Parliamentarian Election from a Gender Perspective

The Interactive Map

Press Release

8 Nov 2010

Nazra for Feminsit Studies announced that it will monitor the parliamentary elections of 2010 from a gender perspective, through monitoring the various social, cultural, legal and economic factors that affect the empowerment of women in the elections.

The organization will publish summary of data resulting from field observation and information and checked out by Nazra Team,  through an interactive map under the category of "women in the elections,". This category contains subdivisions: Candidates on quota seats, General Seats Candidates, and women voters.

The map is designed to clarify the irregularities against candidates, different violence practices justified socially, the impact of social environment on their participation and their competition with men in different constituencies. The map records also the percentage of women participation in voting compared to men, how they are treated in the polling stations, and violent acts against them as a result for their participation and voting.

Nazra for Femisnst Studies is monitoring the election through its membership in the independent coalition to monitor the elections which consists of three organization; The Egyptian Organization for Participatory Enhancement and Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies.

To view the map: