Statement | Empowerment is learning (8-16 March Campaign)


7 Mar 2022

Along more than a decade, Nazra for Feminist Studies is celebrating the woman month through its annual campaign, during the period, from 8 till 16 March, this year Nazra will shed the light on the importance of learning within the journey of young feminists and women human rights defenders, as they are the main generator of any political or social mobilization and the new blood for the new waves of feminist movement, launching “Learning is Empowerment” campaign.


From this point on and believing in the role of female and male youth within the movement , as well as the necessity of empowering and integrating them in different mobilizations and movements, Nazra has adopted, since 2013, local and regional feminist schools and a specialized mentorship program on the MENA Region level, which is based on the organizational and structural learning that includes transmitting knowledge, exchanging experiences and ideas, reviewing and analyzing them, learning the lessons from previous generations, adjusting trajectory by turning mistakes into success and weakness into strengthens, then using the above to create a roadmap in order to continue their journeys with feminism, decision-making and leadership.


During the period from 8 to 16 March 2022, we will share participants and speakers’ feedbacks and comments on the different regional feminist schools conducted in 2021, to be the truest evidence on the importance of learning.