Official Interrogation of Nazra for Feminist Studies in the "Foreign Funding Case" and Summoning of Team Members


20 Mar 2016

Nazra for Feminist Studies announces its inclusion in an official interrogation in the case number 173 for the year 2011, known in the media as the "NGO Foreign Funding" case, that began after the issuance of a report of a fact-finding committee that was formed by a decision from the Ministerial Cabinet on 3 July 2011 around the situation of funding for non-governmental organizations. The committee recruited investigators from the Ministries of Finance, Social Solidarity, the Central Bank and the Tax Administration, in addition to reports from the National Security Sector and General Intelligence. A number of judges are conducting interrogations in this case since 2011 until now, without directing any official charges at Egyptian Rights Organizations.

Moreover, 3 staff members of Nazra for Feminist Studies received official summons over the course of Sunday 13 March and Tuesday 15 March 2016 to undergo an interrogation session on Wednesday 16 March 2016, and it was postponed to Tuesday 22 March 2016. The summons were sent to the staff members without any information related to the reason behind the summon and its relationship to Nazra.

This investigation with Nazra comes within the frame of taking escalating steps the state started gradually a long time ago, and steps were further escalated recently to close the public space by conducting a crackdown on independent civil society organizations in different ways, ranging from inclusion of several organizations in interrogations, to travel bans, summoning of organizations' staff members, and visits of inspection committees to some organizations.

It is worth mentioning that Nazra for Feminist Studies was registered as an association on 28 December 2007 with the number 7184, and all its activities are legal and announced, and is headed since it registration by Mozn Hassan. Furthermore, Nazra obtained the Economic and Social Special Consultative Status with the United Nations in January 2014.