Mozn Hassan Officially Summoned and Charged in the "Foreign Funding Case"

Mozn Hassan Officially Summoned and Charged in the "Foreign Funding Case"


22 Mar 2016

Nazra for Feminist Studies announces the official summons and charges against Mozn Hassan the founder and director of Nazra, in the case 173 year 2011, known in the media as “The NGOs’ Foreign Funding” case.
The summons and charges against Mozn Hassan came at the end of the interrogation that took place on Tuesday, 22 March, with three staff members at Nazra. They received the official summons last week, in order to be present in the interrogation in the case and they attended along with the lawyers today. The three interrogation sessions included various issues concerning Nazra and the nature of their role in it, during which Mozn Hassan was referred to as a defendant.

Mozn Hassan has accompanied the staff members to the interrogation at the Court premises in New Cairo, and the investigation judge orally summoned her and declared the interrogation session to be held on Tuesday 29 March 2016, while the lawyers are to request discovery of documents of the case on Sunday 27 March.   

It is worth mentioning that Nazra for Feminist Studies was registered as an association on 28 December 2007 with the number 7184, and all its activities are legal and publicly announced, and is headed since its registration by Mozn Hassan. Furthermore, Nazra obtained the Economic and Social Special Consultative Status with the United Nations in January 2014.  

 * For more information on the summons of the staff members and the case click here.