Sexual Violence Documentation Workshop

Sexual Violence Documentation Workshop


7 Sep 2015

During the Period from 28 till 30 June 2015, a Sexual Violence Documentation Workshop, has been conducted with a special focus on Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Sudan, as a tool for advocacy and knowledge production, where 9 WHRDs from these 5 countries attended. The concerned workshop resulted in the agreement on the drafting and publishing of a manual on documentation of sexual violence crimes.

Activists and WHRDs who participated in the workshop gained sexual violence documentation tools, and a rich discussion was triggered on terminologies used to describe crimes of sexual violence in each country based on its local context, versus terms that need to be unified to highlight the fact that these are indeed crimes of sexual violence, and to serve as a solid ground for advocating their elimination in the future.

The 9 participants who attended were also furnished with training on how to handle survivors of sexual violence psychologically, and the ideal skills and structure needed for the provision of psychological and medical support, in addition to basic skills in online and digital security, including archiving of survivors' information.