The Upcoming Governors' Change must Include Women

Joint Statement

25 Aug 2014

The undersigned knew of the statement of General Adel Labib, Minister of Local Administration, announcing that the upcoming governor reshuffle will not include any women and that women will only be appointed as assistants and deputies for governors, until they are trained and equipped with necessary qualifications for local administration. The undersigned denounce the exclusion of women by the Minister of Local Administration from the post of governor, and its impact on the status of women in the different fields of  local administration. They consider that such statements are unfair because there are many women who have extensive experience in local development and community services. Moreover, participation of women in local development, by serving as governors, will foster the position of women in local decision making, and will help make local development programs more inclusive for women's needs and priorities. It will also help improve the quality of services provided at the local level in order to support vulnerable and marginalized groups by integrating gender issues in the plans, strategies and policies of the Ministry of Local Development.

The undersigned demand that General Adel Labib, Minister of Local Development, appoint women as governors in the coming governors' reshuffle, and to achieve the principles of the 2014 Constitution in its article 11, paragraph 2, which stipulates that "the state commits to taking the necessary measures to ensure appropriate representation of women in representative bodies, in the manner specified by law. It grants women the right to hold public posts and high management posts in the state, and to appointment in judicial bodies and entities without discrimination." Guaranteeing women's right to participate in legislative, executive and judicial authorities will help foster their roles in the political public space and decision making positions. The scope of political participation and empowerment of women has to be widened to include all institutions of the state.

1. Nazra for Feminist Studies.
2. Al-Dostour Party.
3. Cairo Center for Development and Human Rights.
4. Center for Appropriate Communication Techniques for Development.
5. Center for Egyptian Women Legal Assistance.
6. Development and Enlightenment [Tanmeya and Tanweer] Center (under establishment).
7. Egyptian Association for Community Participation Enhancement.
8. Egyptian Foundation for Family Development.
9. Helwan Institution for Community Development – Bashayer.
10. My Mother [Ommi] Association for Rights and Development.
11. New Woman Foundation.
12. The Egyptian CEDAW Coalition.
13. The Egyptian Feminist Union.
14. Women and Memory Foundation.
15. Women Development Forum.
16. Women’s Committee of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party.