A Day on Storytelling and Consultation on Community Issues


12 Jun 2011

Within the work of the International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) in the Global Week of Action against Armed violence, especially that women's participation and gender are cross cutting issues that will be highlighted across all themes of the week, in addition to Nazra for feminist studies' belief in the importance of having all parts of society in the public arena without any distinction between a man and a woman in the defense of the homeland, taking into consideration the status of violence against women and men human rights defenders, we hope to face the reality of this  violence together, and the means used to put pressure on the presence of women in the public domain, especially in the critical moment that we live in Egypt, along with  the many questions raised that  we need to offer you and ourselves a chance to answer through a communication network .

Consequently, we are preparing for a storytelling and consultation day that deals with networking on common issues in the public domain for the exchange of experiences and skills through storytelling session on our personal experiences during that period with the different forms of violence. We will also offer some tools of protection (online security and legal protection) that may be of interest for the creation of mechanisms for networking.