Nazra for Feminist Studies Releases a Statement on Women in the Election Day

Egyptian Parliament - Photo By: Mohamed Zeineldine


28 Nov 2010

Nazra for feminist studies, the member in the Independent coalition for observing the elections, releases a special statement on women in the election day to choose the member of Parliament and the statement has some observations on women in the elections day, and they are:

1. Because employees supervising the electoral process had limited knowledge about the women’s quota system, inaccurate information was given to women about the system.

2. The ballot cards for the quota were not clear.

3. Female candidates, particularly those of the NDP, are guilty of the same violations (violence, fraudulent ballot cards) as male candidates.

4. The majority of women supported male candidates. The majority of those who supported female candidates were Muslim Brotherhood members.

5. There was a large presence of female thugs who terrorized both women and men.

The statement is attached.