Manual to Integrate Gender Mainstreaming in the Electoral Process

Manucal Cover
  • Egyptian Parliament - Photo By: Mohamed Zeineldine

Press Release

23 Nov 2010

Nazra for Feminist Studies has released "Manual to Integrate Gender Mainstreaming in the Electoral Process". This manual is the first step by Nazra team mainstream gender in the Electoral Process. The guide provides information on the Egyptian status and how to integrate gender in all phases of the process of election taking place in 2010.  

This guide comes within the continuous interest to integrate gender within societies to reach equality. The guide targets interested parties and specialists of the monitoring of electoral system and political participation in general; to integrate gender within their work in order to achieve a democratic system integrating all sectors of the society.  

This manual contains information of the Egyptian parliamentary election, definition of quota system and its types, and tools to monitor electoral process from a gender perspective.